Game on!

Join the mayhem! Recruit a gang of kooky characters from pint sized Shorty to airborne onesie wearing Chopper Charlie. Set Harry the Hammer to work and build your town in real time. Or give him a gold backhander for an instant finish. Lay foundations, upgrade buildings and start collecting rent from tenants & resources from factories.

Form strong Family mobs with a tattoo ID and bring down enemy Families. Fiercely defend your town, raid enemy towns across the globe and become the Boss of all Bosses in this quirky mobster world. So, what are you waiting for - download now for free and play it like a BOSS!

Category: Animation, App Development, App Store Optimisation (ASO), Branding, Gaming App, Graphic Design, Illustration, Modelling, Music Production, Sound Effects, Social Media, UI, UX, Video, Website Design

Back in 2013 we received a request from Mugla Kitty Productions to help with the design of a gaming app. Back then we had never worked on an app before, but we said we were up for the challenge and after submitting visuals for the User Interface (UI) we were given the nod to start designing characters, buildings, defence items, music and generally help develop the User Experience (UX). Illustrations & animation storyboards were drawn in-house and 3D modelling & rendering were outsourced but closely monitored by us. In all our mob of creatives and developers amounted to 7 people. Quite incredible when you see how complex Mobster Mayhem 2 is.

Three years later Mobster Mayhem was launched on the App store. Feedback was encouraging so Mugla Kitty asked us to help design more features to improve the UX. We also built an awareness campaign leading to Apple features in China resulting in a massive spike in downloads.

Here’s a list of Adapt Design’s involvement to help make Mobster Mayhem a reality for our client Mugla Kitty Productions.

  • AB testing
  • Animation
  • App icon development
  • ASO
  • Conception and creation of characters, buildings, defence & attack units and resources
  • Copywriting
  • Growth hacking
  • In-game currency creation
  • Logo design
  • Music production
  • Social media
  • Sound effects
  • Splashcreen
  • Storyboarding
  • Submissions for Apple Features
  • Promotion video
  • UI development
  • Website design and deveploment

We have been bitten by the App bug and we continue to develop this line of work. As you read this, we will be working on new app but that doesn’t mean we can’t work on your app! If you have an idea or think your business could benefit from an app, give us a shout.

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